Just Like Us, Plants Don't Thrive on Junk Food

Year after year, our fruits and vegetables continue to decline in nutrition content. There is a new, easy-to-understand article about what underlies this complex problem in Nautilus Magazine. While farmers keep adding fertilizer (especially nitrogen) to make their crops grow, this practice often leads to crops with poor nutrient content. In short, the overuse of fertilizers can lead to “lazy” plants and reliance on fertilizers, which in turn can harm soil life, the environment at large, and the future of farms.

Read the full article here or the book on which the article is based, “The Hidden Half of Nature” here.   

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Source: "Junk Food Is Bad For Plants, Too”, Nautilus Magazine, 31 Mar. 2016, drawn from “The Hidden Half of Nature” by D. Montgomery and A. Biklé, W.W. Norton, 2016.