The Single Largest Source of Nitrogen Pollution is from Cropland

Right now, growers all over the planet are stuck in the cycle of chemical fertilizer dependence. Business Insider wrote a great article that explains how the life-giving element Nitrogen has quickly become deadly for the planet. Plants cannot absorb all of the Nitrogen being added as a fertilizer, and as a result, it's becoming a pollutant in our water supply. 

Still, “the single largest source [of nitrogen pollution] is from cropland,” says Adam Chambers, leader of energy and environmental markets with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

 Agrarian Organics offers a way back from this chemical fertilizer dependence. Our AO CROP works with both organic and conventional growing operations and can revive, rejuvenate and regenerate the soil. The soil web of life delivers nutrients to the plant as nature intended.

As a result, a grower can reduce existing chemical inputs by 80-90% over 3-5 years.