AO Gardener Series: Creating Your Own Garden Box!

The team here at AO is excited to share that we’ll be featuring some new contributors here on the GROW blog, all geared to get you inspired to grow. With the season right around the corner, we wanted to offer a resource for anyone out there who wants to go green, whether you’ve never handled a spade to being a well-versed professional, we want to share the experiences of voices from all levels of green-thumbery!

DIY - creating your own garden box!

Oh hello dear March. Spring is almost here - but not quite. So we need to keep ourselves busy with prepping the garden and getting ready for the prime growing months!

For your entertainment, and mine, I decided to build a garden box! If you have been thinking about doing this GO FOR IT, if I can do this, so can you!

Assemble your troops (todays supporting cast is Ryan - YEAH Ry Guy, thanks for giving up a day of climbing and helping me out!!)  lets do this.

(The completed box will be 4x8. Not a lot of space? Buy shorter boards, a square 4x4 or 3x3 would make a cute shape for a smaller space!)

  • 4 - 2x8x12s - cut into 4, 8 ft pieces and 4, 4 ft pieces.
  • 1 - 4x4x8 - cut into 4 - 2 ft pieces)
  • Screws - 3.5" self drilling (I used left over deck screws)
Total cost was $100.



- Level
- Power Drill (preferable with a charged battery : )
- A willing helper (preferably one that is good at the things you are not.)

    I'm the first one to be gung ho about doing something and not fully thinking it through. Here are some tips to think about before building.
    You want level ground for assembly.
    The box is heavy, assemble near where you want it to end up (see below for location thoughts.)

    Start by attaching the short boards to one of your 2ft posts, Line the two boards up so the ends are flush. Drill 2 screws into each board, attaching them to your corner posts. 
    Repeat the above steps with the other 2 long boards to the same post, this step you will need your willing helper to hold while you drill. Make sure the corners lines up perfectly for a nice clean look.








    We are so close now, you essentially have half the box done. 

    Repeat the above steps with your helper. 

    You got this by now, all thats left is connecting the last two sides. Use your level to make sure you attach the last boards evenly (step back and look at the box, make sure it's not looking wonky!) Once all sides are attached - you are done like dinner!












    We tossed around a few ideas and settled on the sunniest spot in the yard.  I wanted to pick some where that will get full sun (or as close as my yard permits.) 

    THINK ABOUT IT. Things to consider when placing your box.

    • If possible, you want to access the box from all sides. 
    • Make sure your box is close to a water source.
    • Keep it flat.
    • What do you want to grow? Match the conditions with what you want to grow in this box. If your goal is lettuces, zucchinis etc you can get away with a slightly shadier spot.
    • Distance from your house, if you want to be be able to run out and grab some herbs while cooking don't put it to far from your door! 
    Now that it's starting to snow… I think we will leave the filing of the box for another day! 
    Stay tuned for the full box! Happy carpentry day!


    Oh hi there, my name is Jessica. Monday to Friday I spend my days sitting in front of a screen creating brands and websites for companies. On the weekends I like to get away from that screen and take to the outdoors, whether it’s my garden or the trails with my sidekick (the Shar Pei/pitbull – Electra.) So long as I am outside, I am happy.



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