We aim to change the future of our food supply by providing products that enable everyone to grow safe,affordable organic food.

AO's philosophy is rooted in the simple farm-life ideals of agrarian civilizations. Before the introduction of chemical fertilizers, entire generations successfully relied on the earth's resources to grow and maintain a healthy food supply. Food was uncomplicated, nutritionally superior, and grown in abundance.

Our plan is simple. Instead of using the myriad of chemicals that can conventionally be used to grow our crops, we have created organic products to feed them - with pure, natural, living, bio-available, active micro-nutrients from deep in the ocean. These micro-nutrients are called trace minerals, and in the right form, protect plants from disease, encourage longevity, promote growth, and cause no harm in the process.

Trace Minerals are micro-nutrients, which in the right form, protect plants from disease, encourage longevity, promote growth, and cause no harm in the process.

Trace minerals are the less abundant minerals essential to the survival of all life forms on earth and exist in most living things - even in humans. This abundant renewable resource comes from mineral deposits deep within the Pacific Ocean, and is nearly impossible to exhaust.

Feeding plants (and animals) a diet rich in trace minerals helps them to live longer, produce more, and grow noticeably bigger, stronger, and more resilient to environmental threats— like Popeye eating spinach or Mario and his 'shrooms. Sound amazing? Well it is. Our concentrated TraceMinerals are safe to use on all of your plants, both indoor & out. In fact, growers from novice to professional can get the same or better results as using traditional NPK fertilizers, without added cost or complication. Have we mentioned AO Trace Minerals are safe & non-toxic too? Leave our bottles on your counters and stay worry free (no need for gloves or face masks here).

Due to the low sodium content of our solution, AO TraceMinerals make the happiest plants compared to other products on the market. Ocean minerals are, by nature, high in sodium, which can spell disaster for your plants if not used correctly. To combat this, we took a hint from Mother Nature and washed away most of the sodium, resulting in a perfectly balanced trace mineral cocktail ideal for any variety of plant.

Inexpensive, super-easy to use, and won't require a chemistry degree or even a green thumb — AO TraceMinerals is our generation's solution to growing safe, affordable, organic food, at any level of experience. Use as directed & spray on leaves or soil once or twice a week depending on package directions. For AO Farm products, use as directed or contact us for assistance.

We believe in sustainable business practices, which starts at manufacture and ends with our users.

We favor small regional manufacturing sites in an effort to keep shipping as local as possible, both to minimize shipping distances and cut down on carbon emissions.

Our manufacturing facilities and processes run on electricity, and our team members work remotely, to cut down on personal commuting.

All of our bottles are screen printed with vegetable inks (whenever possible) instead of using labels in an effort to cut down on paper and printing waste, and our shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard. All of our products are recyclable and biodegradable, or both. 

Our commitment to a cleaner, better fed world runs deep, and we pride ourselves on running clean: whether in the garden, home, or boardroom.