AO TraceMinerals products are unique because they're sourced from the ocean. These naturally occurring, organic minerals provide plants with the building blocks necessary for rapid and healthy cell development.


Regardless of your level of experience, the AO Home line is designed to get you growing—no matter how big or small your space.


The AO Garden Line provides everything you need to grow abundant organic produce in one safe, simple, fail-proof formula.


The AO Farm Line is developed with every capacity of farmer in mind, and includes products tailored to large field or hydroponic crops and livestock maintenance. We understand the challenges growers face when looking to employ organic methods. That's why we're so excited about the simplicity, safety, and efficacy of the AO Farm Line.


"When I was about to give up and about to think of only buying faux orchild plant I came across this product in Whole Foods. I tried applied this weekly on everyone of my orchid plants. Then suddenly I saw new branches on one of the plants. I was so excited. Then I saw buds, then orchids, then five orchids. It has been more than 3 months and orchids still looks fresh. I don't know, if it's miracle or this product, but I am sold. Now I see two new branches in another of my orchid plant. I went back to Whole Foods and they are old sold out. I went there several times and was out of luck. I am definitely ordering this product again.”